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    If it’s Worth Doing, it’s Worth Doing Poorly

    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly. G. K. Chesterson I did a double take when I first saw these words. I always believed that if you are going to do something, you better do it well. How many of us are paralyzed by this constant need for perfection? They rang particularly true when I think about where we all start out from. None of us was born truly great anything. As I watch my 3-month old son learn to read my face and learn what makes him happy versus unhappy, I’m reminded that we all start from a relative nothing. We have to learn how to do things and…

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    What’s leadership got to do with it?

    Leadership is a critical function in the nation, our communities, and our organizations. Leaders empower, organize and direct human resources in the attainment of a larger vision. They inspire the people around them to achieve their best and actualize on their potential. They empower, educate, motivate and build confidence to foster cooperation, and enhance decision making and problem solving.  In business, leadership can foster competitive advantage, bringing creative solutions and organizing the companies’ human resources toward their realization. This is especially important today as human capital is THE differentiator in this highly competitive, knowledge driven economy.  Leaders formulate and communicate new strategic directions and increase dedication to the organizations’ goals.…